Neptune’s List

Below are 140 local & nearby alpine rock climbs 5.9 or easier that are recommended by Neptune Mountaineering.  Just for grins, I thought I’d see which ones I haven’t done…I’m always looking for some classics that I’ve somehow missed.  Since I’m looking for climbs to do now, I didn’t bother to include the harder routes that I barely used to be able to do (and will never do again) or that those that I never could do.

Green means that I still need to do it (and I may have hot linked route info); Red means that I have already done it (and when).  I’ve included a link to my trip report if I have prepared one, even if it isn’t for the initial climb on the route.

Holy Cow!  I have found a bunch of climbs to do!  Thanks.

Local Rock Climbs (83)

4th Class to 5.4
  • East Chimney Dome Boulder Canyon (6/1996)
  • Left Edge Dome Boulder Canyon
  • Breezy Wind Tower Eldorado Canyon
  • East Face The Fatiron Flatirons (6/2001)
  • North Ridge 1st Flatiron Flatirons (7/2002)
  • East Face 3rd Flatiron Flatirons (7/1992)
  • Stairway to Heaven Skunk Canyon Flatirons (6/1999)
  • East Face Right Seal Rock Flatirons (8/1999)
  • Zindango Left Book Lumpy Ridge (7/2008)
  • East Ridge Pear Lumpy Ridge
  • Rock One Route Rock One Lumpy Ridge
  • Pin Route Twin Owls Rock Lumpy Ridge
  • Sky Route Twin Owls Rock Lumpy Ridge
5.5 & 5.6
  • Jackson’s Wall Castle Rock Boulder Canyon
  • The East Slab The Dome Boulder Canyon (6/2010)
  • Disappearing Crack The Dome Boulder Canyon (7/2010)
  • Fandango 1st Flatiron Flatirons (11/1998)
  • East Ridge The Matron Flatirons (10/2001)
  • East Face Pellaea Flatirons
  • Icarus Redgarden Wall Eldorado Canyon (8/2011)
  • Swanson Arete Redgarden Wall Eldorado Canyon
  • Calypso Wind Tower Eldorado Canyon (6/1996)
  • Wind Ridge Wind Tower Eldorado Canyon (6/1996)
  • East Face Center 1st Flatiron Flatirons (6/1996)
  • East Face Back Porch Flatirons
  • North Face The Maiden Flatirons (1/1997)
  • North Face The Matron Flatirons (12/1996)
  • Batman & Robin Batman Pinnacle Lumpy Ridge
  • Indirect McGregor Slab Lumpy Ridge (8/2002)
  • Organ Pipes Twin Owls Rock Lumpy Ridge (6/1999)
  • Cussin Crack Castle Rock Boulder Canyon (8/1996)
  • Empor Cob Rock Boulder Canyon (8/2013)
  • North Face Center Cob Rock Boulder Canyon (7/1996)
  • Northwest Corner Cob Rock Boulder Canyon (8/2013)
  • The Owl Dome Boulder Canyon (7/1998)
  • Bastille Crack Bastille Eldorado Canyon (6/1997)
  • Bulge Redgarden Wall Eldorado Canyon
  • Rewritten Redgarden Wall Eldorado Canyon (6/2001)
  • Friday’s Folly 3rd Flatiron Flatirons (9/1998)
  • Osiris Book Lumpy Ridge (6/2011)
  • Beelzbub Left Book Lumpy Ridge
  • The Dog Left Book Lumpy Ridge (6/2010)
  • Hiatus Left Book Lumpy Ridge (6/2010)
  • White Whale Left Book Lumpy Ridge (7/2008)
  • McGregor Direct McGregor Slab Lumpy Ridge (8/2002)
  • L’Chaim Pear Lumpy Ridge (7/2011)
  • Magical Chrome… Pear Lumpy Ridge (7/2011)
  • Kor’s Flake Sundance Buttress Lumpy Ridge (6/1997)
  • Wolf’s Tooth Twin Owls Rock Lumpy Ridge


Alpine Rock Climbs (57)

  • Honcho Boncho Buttress, 5.7 (this seems unlikely)
Hallet Peak


  • Kor, 5.9
  • The Pew, 5.9
Petit Grepon
  • West Ridge with Chiefs Head
  • North Buttress, 5.6


  • North Ridge, 5.6 (7/1997)
  • Sykes Sickle, 5.9 (7/1997)
Longs Peak
  • Longs Peak, Pagoda, Chiefs Head
  • Longs, Pagoda, Chiefs Head, McHenrys, Thatchtop,Powell, Otis, Hallet, Flattop and Notchtop (WTF?)
Mt. Alice
  • Central Ramp, 5.8 (seems unlikely)
Ogalalla Peak
  • East Ridge (over Elk Tooth), 4th class

Navajo Peak

  • Navajo North Face, low 5th class to 5.7 (5/2006)
Mt. Neva
  • North Ridge, 4th class (8/2006)
Torreys Peak
  • Kelso Ridge, 4th class (4/2005)
Mt. Evans
  • Rock aprons facing North (several lines), 5.6-5.8

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