Longs Peak Massif Ascents

One of my unofficial missions in life is to climb to the summit of Longs Peak and its adjacent peaks in as many different ways I can imagine and am physically capable of completing.  In this quest, I count “significantly” different route (vs. completely different) and different seasons as “different ways” so the possibilities are nearly endless.  It isn’t a list I expect to complete.  Instead, this mission just adds a bit of drama to an already dramatic peak, which is also my favorite peak:  Longs Peak.

Longs Peak Massif

The core of the Longs Peak Massif is what I call The Great Cirque:  the semi-circle of rock around Chasm Lake formed by Mt Meeker, Longs Peak & Mt. Lady Washington. And since they are within the semi-circle, I also include the Ships Prow, Glacier Ridge, and The Loft. Beyond the Great Cirque, the Longs Peak Massif arguably includes the following peaks and terrain features: Storm Peak, Key Board of the Winds, Pagoda.  And that is where I draw the line to avoid being drawn into including every peak in the Front Range.

I’ve broken down the various climbs into categories of “difficulty” simply because I couldn’t think of any other manner that would make sense.  I’ve also noted when a climb was a repeat done simply because it was fun enough to forgo progress on my mission. Not all of the trip reports are ready; but I’m working as fast as I can.

Challenging (at most one of: route-finding, technical climbing, or weather/conditions related difficulties)

  • 11/96 – Longs Peak Keyhole
  • 05/97 – Pagoda Snow Swim
  • 12/97 – Mt Meeker Ice Scramble
  • 08/99 – The Ships Prow via Old Unnamed (5.8)
  • 04/01 – Mt Lady Washington East Slope Loop [Camel descent]
  • 08/01 – Long’s Southwest Ridge (5.4)
  • 07/07 – Ships Prow/Glacier Ridge Traverse
  • 07/08 – Meeker Traverse Loop

Hard (two of: route-finding, technical climbing, or weather/conditions related difficulties)

Desperate (all of: route-finding, technical climbing, and weather/conditions related difficulties)

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