Traverses and Link-ups

The Peak Traverses & Link-ups: Ridge traverses and other link-ups of multiple peaks deserve a special place of recognition due to the extra physical and route-finding effort as well as the increased risk required to complete them.  They are highlighted here despite being included on the Chronological list and, generally, one other type or location-based list (e.g., Longs Massif, RMNP, 14ers)

When the linkup is not obvious, the idea came from somewhere.  To give credit where due, I’ll note the inspiration source when I know it.  A few of them came from my own imagination, even if I was not the first.

GREEN items I haven’t done yet.  RED items have been done.

14ers (excluding RMNP)

Indian Peaks

  • 06/04 –  Arapahoe Traverse Solo (Roach)
  • 08/06 –  Mt. Neva – North Ridge (4th class)
  • Mt. Audubon – Southeast Ridge (3rd class)
  • Lone Eagle Pk. – S. Ridge (4th class)
  • Lone Eagle Peak – (5th class)
  • Apache-Shoshoni (Kasparov) Traverse (report)(4th class)
  • Ogallala Pk. – East Ridge (3rd class)
  • Little Pawnee Pk. – East Ridge (3rd class)
  • Audubon-Paiute Traverse (3rd class)(Joe)




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