Faceshots: 1992 to Present

I’ve made an effort to collect the best few face-shot photos from each year (when available), including primarily me and Brian but also others as available.  I’m hoping that the collection is interesting and useful for tracking the wear and tear of time and distance.  See for yourself.





On Sharkstooth July 2013


Joe on 3rd Flatiron summit (12/22/2012)

Joe on 3rd Flatiron summit (12/22/2012)

Brian on the summit of the 4th Flatiron. The 5th Flatiron sits behind Hippo Head, with Bear Peak in the distance.


Brian at the top of the 5th pitch with Sky Pond far below

Joe enjoying a moment of satisfaction on the Petit summit


Ypsilon summit: enjoying our first break after 10 hours of hiking and climbing

Brian waits for me in the pre-dawn on the foot of Blitzen Ridge

A tired Brian sitting below the summit of Thatchtop

Joe (me) on Arrowhead summit with McHenrys NE Arete in background


still looking


where oh where




Izzy and Dad on a hike of Mt Sanitas


Oh, come on!




Brian approaching the summit of North Maroon Peak

Brian & Joe on the summit of South Maroon Bell


On summit of Crestone Needle noting the completion of the 5th 14er on my 40th birthday weekend trip

Frozen hair on approach to The Loft


Brian resting before a ski descent of Mt Buckskin


My rapture on the summit of Mt Antero

Brian and Susan at camp the night before a Mt Columbia summit attempt

Joe and Susan hiking somewhere…Mt. Yale, I think.

Joe and Susan with Mt Evans in background…photo by Mark


Yeah, that’s me….and the end of a long, successful expedition in Bolivia

Joe posing in front of Hagerman Peak….I thought it was Snowmass at the time.

Brian showing his Snowmass Pride

Brian on Stettner’s Ledges


Joe eating the greatest meal of all time after an ascent of The Diamond on Longs…using a nut tool as a replacement spoon

Brian next to his tent in the Longs Peak Boulderfield


Grand Teton summit

Brian on Grand Teton summit

Resting in my tent high on the Grand Teton

High above Boulder, poses for Joe (left) and Brian (right) atop the Maiden


My Longs Peak summit shot….thanks, Rich

Working up the Yellow Spur….photo by Pete

Joe on Horseshoe Mountain summit. Photo by Rich.


Climbing with Pete in Red Rocks, NV

Up high in Red Rocks, NV


Descending to Solvey Hut in dark; Zermatt lights in background

Joe and Topher posing with The Diamond in the background. Thanks to Topher for indulging me.

Joe and Topher posing with The Diamond in the background. Thanks to Topher for indulging me.

Joe in Equador visiting the equator

Back in the USA after a grueling climbing trip to Equador

Rich (left end), Pete (glasses) and me (right end) during our Amazon river cruise in 1994.


In Chicago after a climbing trip to RMNP…wishing I had looked into that sunscreen thing.


Me and a couple buddies on the Sharkstooth summit in 1992. From left to right, Mark, Jim, Joe

The end of my Florida days…and my last triathlon


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